Student Legal Services is Moving

The Student Legal Services office will move to the Poplars Building, Room 712, located at 400 East Seventh Street in January. Keep watching our website for a specific move date and other important announcements relating to the move.

Indiana University’s Law Firm for Students

IU Student Legal Services (SLS) is your one source for complete, confidential legal advice. SLS is a non-profit, on-campus law office serving only IU students. We have a staff of highly qualified attorneys and legal interns to walk you through the process of finding the solution to your legal situation.

If you are a registered IU-Bloomington student and pay your activity fee, you are entitled to our services.

Student Legal Services prides itself on being:

  • Professional: SLS employs four full-time, licensed attorneys, and some of the best and brightest second- and third-year law students from IU’s Maurer School of Law, who will handled your case professionally and competently.
  • Confidential: Your visits to SLS are completely confidential. Discussions with our staff are protected by attorney-client privilege.
  • Convenient: Located at 703 E. 7th Street, Bloomington, IN 47408, our offices are on campus across from Dunn Meadow.
  • Free: If you pay the Student Activity Fee, you are entitled to advice and legal representation from SLS. The only expenses you must cover are court fees.

When you visit the SLS offices, you can expect competent, professional advice tailored to help resolve your legal issue.

Why Use SLS?

Any time you’re involved in the legal system, you have rights and obligations which are important to understand. Consulting with a legal professional, like the ones at Student Legal Services (SLS) can help you understand the process and protect yourself. Your time to protect your rights may be limited to as little as 10-20 days.

Contact us today for your FREE legal advice.

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