While we don’t want to think about our children getting into trouble, it is important to realize that students often need legal assistance through no fault of their own.

  • Consumer fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Bad landlords

Of course, some students do get into trouble.

  • Traffic citations
  • Underage drinking
  • Minor criminal charges

Dealing with a legal dispute or entanglement, regardless of who is at fault, can be overwhelming. Without legal advice and representation, a promising academic career may be derailed. Help your IU student(s) stay focused and reap the full rewards of their IU education by using the safety net IU Student Legal Services provides.  

Student Legal Services (SLS) can intervene when a legal dispute threatens to distract a student from his or her education.  With four full-time attorneys and more than two-dozen second and third-year law students on staff, we’re able to provide advice and, often, court representation for students who find themselves facing a legal issue.

Attorney-Client Privilege

The attorneys at SLS are licensed attorneys in the State of Indiana, and are bound by the rules of professional conduct. Attorney-client confidentiality is an essential element of any attorney-client relationship, and our relationship with your child is no exception. Confidentiality may be waived, and many of our student clients will want their parents in on their cases. But we have to get permission from the client in writing before we can discuss their case with anyone else, even you, their parent.  


The best part is that you have already paid for our service. SLS is funded from the Student Activity Fee, which was assessed along with tuition and other charges on the bursar bill. This means that our advice and representation are available at no extra charge. Usually, the only out-of-pocket expenses for our student clients are court fees.