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Student Legal Services accepts electronic intakes, however noting the following points is important:

  1. We will only advise students of the Indiana University, Bloomington campus who have paid the student activity fee. Intakes submitted by anyone other than an IU-Bloomington student will not form an attorney-client relationship or entitle the non-student to an assurance of confidentiality.
  2. Online intakes will only be processed during normal office hours which are Monday through Friday between 8:00AM and 5:00PM.
  3. After we receive your completed intake form, we will review it and call you. Please provide both daytime and evening telephone numbers to allow us to reach you. Also, allow us 24 hours to reach you and schedule your appointment.
  4. In some cases, we will need additional information regarding your situation before we can schedule an appointment for you. To minimize delays, you should include all details about your problem on the intake.

IMPORTANT NOTE - It is extremely rare for emails to be intercepted in transit, especially within a wired campus network such as IU's. Any communication over the Internet, however, raises some risk. If you are concerned with someone improperly accessing your email, you may wish to come to the SLS office and make an appointment in person. Someone will call you to schedule an appointment after we receive the completed intake form.

Submit Your Intake Form

If you submit the form below and do not recieve an email within 48 business hours. Please call our office at (812) 855-7867