If you knowingly enter someone else’s property without their permission you have committed the crime of criminal trespass. Before you going out, make sure you know how to tell if are or are not trespassing.

“No Trespassing” signs are not your friend

The presence of “no trespassing” signs proves to the police and the court that you knew you were not supposed to be on the property. It does not matter if you were unaware of the signs, the fact that signs are present on the property is enough to prove you knew you were entering someone else’s property.  Signs can be in any form, including spray painted onto trees and/or rocks. If “no trespassing” signs have been posted do not enter the property unless you have the owner’s permission.

Third Party Tricksters

A third party cannot give you permission to enter someone else’s property, only the owner can give you permission.  Facebook, Twitter, and other websites cannot give you permission to enter someone’s property unless the owner of the property is also the owner of the Facebook page, Twitter account, or website. Do not enter someone else’s property unless you are sure that the person who is giving you permission to enter is the actual owner of the property.

Quarries and Railroads

Many of the quarries and railroads in Indiana are owned by individuals or private companies. The owners of quarries and railroads typically do not want students entering their property, and most of them have “no trespassing” signs. Some owners even go as far as asking police to do routine drive-bys to make sure no one is trespassing on their property.  Under no circumstance should you enter a quarry or railroad unless you are positive that the actual owner of the property has given you permission.